No assets – please help!

I’m frustrated!

I’ve been married 10+ years w/3 children. We rent and have no “good” furniture. We eat off of a card table and fold up chairs. We have a free stained couch. Our mattress is 12+ years old. We have no headboards and the dressers are hand me downs. We have old do it yourself put together desks, dressers, and entertainment center. There isn’t one thing in our house that I would consider a nice piece of furniture. You would think we made terrible money, but we make six figures! We are working very hard to pay off our debt and not use credit cards.

In addition, when I look at the things we do have, I can hardly find one thing that we actually bought ourselves. Christmas presents, birthdays, and wedding gifts are what surround me. Our families are generous, but when I realize all we’ve ever bought were a toaster oven and computer equipment, it frustrates me.

How do others budget and purchase things for their home? What priority is this in your life? Do you have a special category for home furnishings, household items and furniture?

In the past I would have just thought about putting it on a credit card, but no more. I just don’t know how to pay off debt and somehow make our surroundings more pleasing and not embarrassing.

I am just amazed when I go to others homes and see lots of furniture and even more amazed when it is beautifully decorated. Please, somebody tell me how everyone but me is able to decorate their homes. I’m clueless…

used furnitureMy hubby and I have been married almost 10 years. We just bought our home last summer. Before that, we rented apartments (ugh).

ALL of my furniture has been purchased (with cash) from thrift stores, garage sales or off of Craig’s List. You’d be amazed at what you can find.

Just a couple weeks ago, I got a nearly new sectional with two recliners – that have built in massage – and a queen size hide a bed off of Craig’s List My cost? ZERO! Some woman had bought it then didn’t like it so she bought something else. The power of credit cards, I’m guessing. So, instead of selling the set she didn’t like, she gave it away.

My dining room table – a beautiful oak set with tile inlay on the top came from Craig’s List. $75.

All my furnishings are like that right down to the curtains. In fact, I don t think I’ve bought anything new for my house now that I think about it. Yet, everyone that comes over comments on how beautiful it is.

It takes time to do it this way. But, start looking and thinking previously owned.

Good luck!