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Re: No assets – please help!

old furnitureI’m living on old furniture and painted concrete floors. I run some paint over the worst spots every six month or a year, have washable bath mats. I can’t get new flooring or tiles until I have paid off a lot of my debt.

The furniture, short of 2 desks, a flat TV and a fourteen year old sofa-sleeper and love seat are all from my folks. When I rented and lived in a flat overseas in the UK, I got crafty:

Headboards: Go to a notions/crafts store get One 8″-12″ diameter ring, can be wood or metal. Hang the ring about 2′ above your bed. Running sheer coloured or white fabric through and around the ring, to leave about 6′ hanging’, then, with thumbtacks, affix the bottom of the fabric splayed out behind the bed itself. if you want, 2 small artificial nosegays can be stuck to the wall at say the mid-point above your pillows.

Depending on the kid’s ages and genders, a large piece of felt, any colour, can be stuck to the wall with thumbtacks or ‘blu-tack’ which will not put holes in your walls… going from about 2-3 feet above their pillows to a foot behind their bed, and you and they can cut out shapes of animals and so on for them to have a felt board play land above their own beds. They can take the shapes and set a new scene every day/week/month/etc

Hitting the thrift store for a small dinette set and later, getting some fun paint and metallic pens etc, you can dress these things up. Hey, we call it all ‘Retro’ now!

If you lived close to me, *I* have a table and chairs you could have. Nothing wrong with ‘hand me downs’ call it recycling ! In our ‘disposable society’ many decent, good pieces are simply turfed out and they would so be loved and cared about by others.

But, Shay, one more thing if I may, many folks with all those nice things do NOT have a happy family. Their kids are usually left to their own, both parents working and there’s really not a lot of happiness in those nice places. Look at what you DO have, embrace them all hard and realize you may in fact be richer than many. I do have some nice things, but no mom and dad, no sisters or brothers, no kids. Just me, my fella and five dogs. Those dogs bring me a lot of joy. Your endeavors to trash the debt will hold many rewards for you in due time.