I’m not sure if everyone on this blog realizes

I’m not sure if everyone on this group realizes you don’t have to pay ANYTHING for items for your home or clothes if you use freecycle. I’m a group owner and moderator for a Freeycle group in CT. This is a nationwide group that tries to recycle things people no longer want or need so it doesn’t go to the landfills or dumps. It’s not junk. Really nice stuff some times. People truly have the helping others mentality. What goes around comes around. Just go to freecycle.org and find your state, then closest town that has freecycle. You can be on many groups. Please read the rules for each group though. Usually your on moderation until you post correctly. You can NOT ask for money for any item. I’ve received clothing, file cabinets, toys, clothing, baskets, dishes, etc… all for free. Your post is either a WANTED or OFFER.

Now one thing you can’t do is post a LIST of all your wants. Typically one or two things at a time won’t scare people away from giving something to you because they won’t think your greedy. Also just because you ask for something doesn’t mean someone has it. You can make a list for all things your offering though. Last week I got some books and games. That woman was cleaning out her house and is constantly posting things she’s getting rid of. People have offered old cars on occasion, laptops (OLD), computers that still run but might need tweeking, printers, maternity clothing, baby items, coupons, lamps, bureaus, bed sets, storm doors, cans of paint, shingles for your roof, lumber, dishes, appliances, car tires etc…

We give things all the time away on freecycle. My daughters given full bags of diapers because her daughter outgrew the size and numerous baby clothes and toys.

On another note, the freecycle groups also have “cafe” groups where you can chit chat, some of the cafe’s allow selling items, announcements of yard sales etc. Just don’t ask for an item and sell it at a yard sale. The person who gave it to you just might show up at the yardsale. LOL.

I hope this helps. Remember do NOT buy anything for your home, clothes, furniture, toys etc because you CAN get it for FREE. The money you would save could go towards your bills. Good luck!

My husband and I started off with hand me downs for the first few years. Then every time we got our tax returns we’d get some furniture a little at a time. We still don’t have anything fancy though. I’m not the type to pay a lot for stuff no matter how much money we have to spend.

Have you tried your hand at arts & crafts? You have probably seen tv programs, magazines, websites, etc. that show you in detail how to renovate furniture, paint, and decorate on a small budget by making a lot of things yourself. I have friends who have done gorgeous decorating by stripping and refinishing old furniture themselves, making their own curtains, etc. In addition, I’ve found that what’s really nice about do-it-yourself home decorating, is that your home will be completely uniquely you.

I should add that I have given up on trying to do any of these myself, lol! I am very bad at doing things with my hands!! I feel your frustration, too. I hate going to
others homes when they have big TVs, nice furnishings, and a gorgeous home. I was always brought up that those things weren’t important but it gets tiresome not having them.

In my case, it’s simple. They were lucky enough to get high paying jobs that I never got. I worked for one employer for 25 years and my loyalty was rewarded with low wages and no retirement. Now after 25 years of teaching at the University of San Francisco part time, I earn the whopping sum of $24,000 a year. Meanwhile a guy I know with no college education is making $90,000. He’s obnoxious about it and I don’t know how he stays employed as he is such a loud mouth.

Hang in there. Hopefully better days are around the corner for both of us. Best wishes.