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Finally saw “Maxed Out”

And really was surprised at the content…. Like Suze Orman (Spelling?) being sponsored by the Parent company of FICO…. But another part, in the 50’s ‘documentary’ type show with “Mr Money”… Made by “Sutherland films”. Trying to look into whether or not that was real or just made for this film…. My last name… It would figure a good Scotsman was behind that

I’m glad you posted about this. I’d been wanting to see it so I did a Google search and found it on Google videos. My husband and I just watched it. None of it really surprised me. But man, the parts about hose women whose college student kids committed suicide over credit card debt just about did me in. I have a son who got credit cards right out of high school. Before he knew it, he was about $8000 in debt. He hasn’t paid it off but he isn’t depressed about it, either. He’s managing it but slowly, very slowly. I need to send him the url for Maxed Out.

Everyone should watch that. And the lady who went missing too… It was very sad they found her the way they did….

I’ve never seen this clip or movie or whatever it entails. Needless to say I’ve actually told a credit card company that wanted me to sign up for a card that it can cause suicide. People get so far in debt they think it’s their only way out. They have a insurance policy for the beneficiaries, but I’d rather have the person instead of the money any day. It saddens me to think that finances can kill. I’m sure it can cause high blood pressure and heart attacks just as well.
In this day and age with so many places closing, it’s hard to even keep a roof over your head let alone any luxuries.